Arbitration and Mediation

Law EmblemMiles Provides Arbitration and Mediation Services For Legal Disputes

Another aspect of The Miles Law Firm’s practice involves providing mediation and arbitration services.  Firm founder Larry Miles has arbitrated or mediated hundreds of legal disputes ranging from sophisticated business and commercial law disputes, employment law disputes, aviation matters, personal injury cases, and the like.   See Link to Mr. Miles.

In addition to doing private arbitration and mediations, Larry has served as Judge Pro Tem of the Sacramento Superior Court, and performed arbitrations for several  Northern California Courts.

Mr. Miles began mediating and arbitrating disputes several years ago when other attorneys approached him to help resolve their cases.  “As a mediator, I really enjoy helping to resolve disputes,” Miles said, “especially difficult cases in which both parties really should settle their case, but are having a hard time getting there because of the emotion of the case, difficult facts, or uncertain case law.”


“As a mediator, I really enjoy helping to resolve disputes,”   Miles said, “especially difficult cases in which both parties really should settle their case, but are having a hard time getting there.”


Although Mr. Miles represents a lot of auto dealers, he has done plaintiff’s consumer work and is often sought out by Plaintiff’s counsel who believe that his expertise in technical areas of consumer law will help facilitate a successful mediation.

Miles recently successfully mediated two employment disputes.  “Employment disputes are often very difficult because of the complexity of the law itself and the emotions surrounding the case,” Miles noted.    One such case was a dispute involving a Harley-Davidson motorcycle dealership and an employee, which was complicated by the employee’s compensation plan and the issue of when a sale of a motorcycle actually occurs.

Miles has also mediated aviation cases including substantial disputes over repair charges to jets.  In those cases, Miles’ experience as a pilot for over 30 years and member of the Airplane Owners & Pilots Association (“AOPA”) Legal Panel come in handy.


Retaining Mr. Miles As a Mediator or Arbitrator

We recognize that the economics of legal services are significant.   As an illustration of Mr. Miles’ current fee structure for mediation, a standard fee for a mediation or arbitration by Mr. Miles in Sacramento not exceeding three hours is $975 split equally between the parties at the time of the reservation.  Additional time is billed at $325 an hour.  Once Mr. Miles has been retained as an arbitrator or mediator, there is a minimum $150 charge which is retained if the matter is cancelled or continued, and the fee is $325 if the cancellation or continuance is requested less than 2 business days prior to hearing.

The fees include use of The Miles Law Firm law offices.     Mediations or arbitrations can be conducted at The Miles Law Firm, conveniently located at 3838 Watt Ave., Suite 301, in Sacramento, immediately off the Business 80 freeway exit in a complex known as “Lincoln Center”, or at some other location mutually agreed upon by the parties.  Parking is free at The Miles Law Firm.

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