Miles is Executive Producer of Inside California Education


Update:  January 20, 2017 – Inside California Education begins its premier season this month as PBS affiliates statewide begin to broadcast the 13 show.  Please see your local PBS station for local schedule.

Update:  On June 5, 2015, the California Teachers Association awarded the prestigious John Swett Media in Excellence Award to Inside California Education.  The award will be presented at CTA’s State Council .  “We are very excited at this recognition of Inside California Education,” said co-producer Larry Miles.

Firm founder Larry Miles is continuing his pro bono work in public education by trying to make a public television series focused on California public education a reality.  A former San Juan School District Board Member for eight years, Larry is now serving as Co-Executive Producer for Inside California Education, along with Rick Launey, a former colleague on the San Juan School Board.   The show is produced in partnership with Sacramento’s public television station KVIE and is being shown statewide on member PBS stations.

“Inside California Education focuses on California public education” Larry said.  “Our big idea is that by enhancing public awareness of public education we will get better public policy, more parent engagement, better things happening in schools, and, ultimately, increased student learning.”  Larry has spoken to over 3,000 educators and helped coordinate two major premier showings in Sacramento and San Francisco to promote the program and help secure series sponsors.

Inside California Education has the potential to shape the discussion of educational policy throughout the nation,” Larry observed.  “We are very excited at the enthusiastic support the program has received.”

The pilot episode of Inside California Education focused on career pathways programs at the high school level, early childhood education programs ICE Logo - Smallin San Francisco and Fresno, and a two-time teacher of the year in the San Dimas school District.  It can be seen at www.InsideCalEd.Org.



Miles McLeod Helps In Major Dealership Transactions

(January 20, 2017) – Founding attorney Larry Miles helped close the sale of two major auto dealerships in Anchorage, Alaska, recently.  “I’m honored to have been involved in the sale of Worthington Ford of Alaska and Mercedes Benz of Anchorage,” said Larry.   “This was an enormously complex transaction involving two major auto dealerships, the sale of real property, multiple leases, and the approval of federal regulators.”  Larry has been involved in dozens of auto dealership buy-sales over the course of his 35 year legal practice and is regarded within the industry as a leading  auto dealer attorney.

(December 21, 2010) – The Miles Law Firm congratulates two of its clients on recent auto dealership transactions in December 2010.  Attorney Larry Miles represented Mr. Carlos Hidalgo in the sale of Folsom Lake Dodge, a major auto dealership located in the Folsom Auto Mall.  Mr. Miles also represented Mr. Perry Falk in the acquisition of an Infiniti dealership in Escondido.

“It is a pleasure to represent our long-time clients in these important auto dealership transactions,”  Mr. Miles noted.  “We are happy for them and also happy that such dealership sales activity may auger well for 2011.”

Mr. Miles has represented dozens of auto dealers in dealership buy-sells since 1986.

McLeod Added as Name Shareholder to Miles McLeod Law Firm

LM-BMThe Miles Law Firm, A Professional Corporation, has changed its name to Miles McLeod, A Professional Law Corporation, recognizing the contributions of long-time shareholder Brady D. McLeod.

“I’m pleased that the firm’s name change recognizes Brady’s outstanding contributions to the firm’s history and his hard work on behalf of our clients for over 14 years,” said firm founder Larry Miles. “Brady also exemplifies the firm’s commitment to our community with his extensive engagement in a variety of community organizations, including youth sports activities.”

A McGeorge law school product, McLeod also has an MBA from Sacramento State University and specializes in business and civil litigation with a particular emphasis in advising auto dealers, auto auctions, and auto finance companies.

McLeod joins Miles, a former VP and General Counsel of the Cal Worthington Auto Group and two-term Trustee of the San Juan School District Board of Education, on the masthead. Founded in 1992, Miles McLeod is recognized by Martindale-Hubbell with its coveted A-V rating for outstanding legal talent and ethics, as well as by their legal peers for outstanding expertise in the area of franchise law.

Sacramento Magazine Names Miles Outstanding Franchise Lawyer

Sacramento Magazine has named Larry Miles a 2015 Outstanding Lawyer in Franchise Law.   “I’m honored that other lawyers and Sacramento Magazine appreciate my 35 years experience as a practicing attorney,” Larry said.  A former Vice-President and General Counsel for the Cal Worthington Auto Group, Miles represents franchised new motor vehicle dealers as a significant part of his legal practice.

The award is based on confidential peer assessments of other Sacramento attorneys.

Miles Earns Airline Transport Rating

LWM LearFirm founder Larry Miles earned an FAA Airline Transport Rating (“ATP”) in April 2015.  The ATP rating is the highest pilot rating granted by the FAA.

“I’m thrilled to have received this rating,” Larry said.  “It represents the culmination of 43 years of aviation and will help me be a better pilot and advocate for pilots.”  Larry’s aviation practice includes representing pilots as a legal panel attorney for the Airline Owners & Pilots Assn. (“AOPA”) and Fixed Base Operators.  He has performed many aviation mediations, appeared before the National Transportation Safety Board, and is a member of the International Air Transport and Safety Bar Assn. and the Lawyer-Pilot Bar Assn.

Larry has been a pilot since 1972 and also has seaplane and Lear Jet (Second-in-Command) endorsements.   He currently flies a Bonanza A36.

Miles Helps Establish Cal Worthington Memorials

Mr. Miles Delivers $10,000 To Establish The Cal Worthington Scholarship

Firm founder Lawrence W. Miles, Jr. has helped establish several memorials to the late Cal Worthington with the San Juan Education Foundation and the Aerospace Museum of California.  Cal passed away in September 2013.

Representing an anonymous friend of Mr. Worthington, Larry has delivered  $20,000  to the San Juan Education Foundation to establish the Cal Worthington Memorial Scholarship.  The scholarship will be available to an eligible graduating senior from San Juan High School in Citrus Heights and Encina High School in Arden Arcade who demonstrates a serious interest in one of six areas in which Cal worked 1) automotive technology; 2) the military; 3) digital arts, 4) aviation, 5) business, or 6) agriculture, including the culinary arts.

“I am so thrilled to be a part of establishing a scholarship in Cal’s honor that will help deserving kids finish their education,” Larry said.  “Even though Cal never got past 9th grade, he very much valued education.  We hope that other auto dealers and those who  want to honor Cal will contribute and help grow this scholarship.”

Larry was a member of the San Juan Unified School District Board of Education for eight years, and helped lead the district in establishing a career pathways program at San Juan High School.

The Cal Worthington Digital Welcome Center

Larry also facilitated contributions to create the Cal Worthington Digital Welcome Center at the Aerospace Museum of California, where Larry serves as a member of the Board.

“Cal loved all things aviation and the Museum,” Larry explained.  “This memorial is also a fitting remembrance of Cal.”

The Welcome Center will greet Museum visitors with clips from Cal’s talk on flying B-17’s during WW2 which he gave at the Museum in 2013, as well as some of his famous TV commercials, including one where he wing-walks upside down on a bi-plane.  The Welcome Center will also explain Museum events to visitors as they begin their visit.

Larry represented Mr. Worthington and his various companies for over 25 years, starting in 1986 when Cal appointed Larry as VP & General Counsel of the Worthington Auto Group.

(Cal’s talk at the Museum can be seen at



Miles Named to Aerospace Museum Board

Firm founder Larry Miles has been named to the Aerospace Museum of California Board of Directors.  Located in McClellan Air Park in Sacramento, the Museum features dozens of historical airplanes and aerospace exhibits and is heavily involved in educational opportunities for area students.

“As a pilot, as a member of a long-time Air Force family, and as a school board trustee who strongly supports public education, I am just thrilled to be a part of supporting this nationwide treasure,” Larry said.  “I look forward on the Board to helping continue the important work started by the museum’s founders.”


Miles Presents FAA Master Pilot Award to Cal Worthington

Larry Miles joins the FAA’s Gary Jestice in presenting the Master Pilot Award to Cal Worthington.

Larry Miles joined the FAA in presenting the prestigious Master Pilot Award to Cal Worthington in a special award ceremony at the McClellan Aerospace Museum on January 29, 2012.  The FAA honored Cal for 70 years of safe and violation-free flying.  Click here to see Cal’s speech on YouTube.

Cal spoke about his 70 years of flying experience, including an extended recollection of his 29 missions during WWII.  A recepient of the Distinguished Flying Cross, Cal recalled some of his most harrowing missions, including being the lead pilot for the 8th Air Force in several raids over Berlin.

“As a pilot of over 40 years myself, I am honored to be able to join with the FAA in honoring Cal for this remarkable aviation achievement,” Larry said.   Larry went on to describe some of his many hours flying with Cal, including a challenging flight in a King Air repossessed from a drug-dealer, taking off from San Jose Airport as the ground shook and the tower closed during the Loma Prieta earthquake, and a memorable landing in Anchorage in a Lear 24 that slid across the runway covered in sheer ice.

“From WWII to flying his Lear, Cal has always kept the safety of his crew and passengers foremost,” Larry said.

In addition to being a commercial rated, multi-engine instrument pilot, Larry has a significant aviation practice, including serving as a panel attorney for the Airplane Owners and Pilots Association (“AOPA”).


Miles Wins Key Independent Contractor Case

Larry Miles, senior attorney with The Miles Law Firm, recently won an important decision for the California auction industry involving the question of whether auto auctioneers are employees or independent contractors.  Arguing that auto auctioneers are sufficiently unique in their skills and independent in their work to justify being deemed independent contractors,  Miles persuaded the Employment Development Department administrative law judge to reject EDD efforts to classify the auctioneers as employees of the auto auction.

The important decision comes on the heels of a new state law, SB 459, that imposes new penalties for businesses that “willfully” misclassify workers as independent contractors.  In addition to penalties of potentially $5,000 to $25,000 per infraction, the new statute requires the offending employer to announce their “willfull” misclassification on their website for a year.  The new penalties are in addition to existing taxes and penalties that are due upon a redetermination by EDD.  The state Labor and Workforce Development Agency will enforce the new law effective January 1.

The silver lining for employers in the increased focus on misclassification of workers is the IRS’ recent announcement of an “amnesty” on penalties and interest attributable to a misclassification problem.  The “Voluntary Worker Classification Settlement Program” is available for employers who meet the eligibility requirements, which include 1) consistent prior treatment of the workers as independent contractors, 2) issuance of 1099’s for the workers in controversy, and 3) not already the subject of audit by the IRS or a state agency.  Under the program, the IRS will waive certain penalties and interest in consideration of the employer treating the workers as employees going forward and paying a little over 1% of the wages paid to the contractor for the past three years.  Consult the IRS’ website for further information regarding this program.

The new law raises the stakes for an innocent misclassification of a worker as an independent contractor.  Employers should consult with counsel if they have any questions regarding their current classification of any workers as an independent contractor.

Miles Urges Calm and Compromise in Sac Bee Op-Ed

Larry Miles

Larry Miles

Founder Larry Miles urged calmness and compromise in a Viewpoint Opinion published in the Sacramento Bee on August 6, 2011.  Recalling Franklin Roosevelt’s famous exhortation, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself,” Miles observed that the economic recovery has been impaired because of the fear created by politicians who care more about their “extreme positions” than the country’s health. The full Op-Ed article is set forth below with a link to the Bee here:  Viewpoints: Ideological fights to the death are not helping in  .

Viewpoints: Ideological fights to  the death are not helping in tough times

By Larry Miles
Special  to The Bee
Published:  Saturday, Aug.  6, 2011 – 12:00 am | Page 11A
If Franklin Roosevelt were alive today he might exclaim once  again, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” Our leaders have done us  a disservice on many scores, but the failure in recent days to inspire us to  calmness and steadfast resolve is perhaps of the first order. A cacophony of  negativity and talking heads seeks to condemn every citizen to fitful nights:  distressed, depressed and despondent.

That folks from working class stiffs to hedge fund managers, from the  unemployed to the retired, from teachers to talk-show hosts, are nervous is  understandable. But we need to gut this recession out, hang together, quit  blaming everyone and everything, and get to the other side. We need stability.  Confidence will follow stability, and recovery will follow confidence.

Plainly, we are in difficult times. However, this is not the near collapse of  the world global economy that we fortuitously avoided by minutes and the sheer  economic force of the U.S.  government in October 2008. We have moved beyond that.

As we ushered in 2011, there really was good news. Jobs were being  created, consumer  confidence was up, growth was occurring, people were beginning to spend a  little money. Domestically, the auto  industry was leading a strong consumer recovery. Then a whole series of  global setbacks and domestic miscues kept landing punches. Ireland, Greece, Japan and the tsunami, oil prices; all of those international factors took  a toll. The state budget impasse and debt ceiling debacle did not help.

In June and July, Japanese car sales dropped 25 percent in the U.S. as  dealers guarded their existing inventory. But the Japanese are recovering their  production capacity with a sense of national urgency, and U.S. import dealers  are – or were – projecting robust sales in the second half of this year. Ford  sales were down the past few months, but only because its factories couldn’t  keep pace with demand. And while GM announced a few days ago a projected slower  second half than initially expected earlier this year, they were running several  shifts at their plants and recalling workers to ramp up inventory.

Our leaders in Sacramento and Washington do us no favors when they choose to  devolve into ideological fights to the death. The notion held by a distinct  minority of politicians that their extreme political prescriptions matter more  than the patient’s health is simply unacceptable and untenable.

California’s state budget is undeniably critically important, but it reflects  less than 5 percent of the $1.8 trillion dollar gross domestic product of the  eighth largest economy in the world. However, it gets 95 percent of the media  attention when our leaders fail to collaborate and produce a responsible budget.  The entire ruckus unnerves even the most sedate of us.

Similarly, as each day of the distressingly uncivil discourse progressed in  Washington, people became more fearful of the predicted calamitous outcome of  the ruinous debate until, finally, places like car dealerships became ghost  towns once again.

There are real reasons our recovery is ailing. Construction is going to keep  our recovery soft until we can blow out all these foreclosures that are still in  the market, but you can see the light at the end of the foreclosure tunnel. We  do need to get credit going again. We’ve over-corrected from lending anyone with  a pulse any amount, to denying people named Rockefeller a loan. We need existing  stimulus money to be released for construction projects.

Frankly, the contraction of the government sector is also holding us back. To  be sure, we need profitable car dealers, shop keepers, hotel owners and other  entrepreneurs, but we also need teachers, custodians, DMV clerks, judges, park  rangers, air traffic controllers, cops, firefighters and the like. When we  complain too much about government employees, we not only minimize the  importance of the public service provided by such workers, but we advocate for  the elimination of our customers.

Do we need to tighten our governmental belts, improve efficiency and  responsiveness, and do some targeted pension reforms? Sure. But enough already  on the demonization of public service; it’s not helping.

Yes, it’s going to be tough for a while, but let’s take a deep breath, calm  down and have some confidence. We’re not a herd to be stampeded off a cliff.  Franklin Roosevelt said it best in 1932 when he was trying to inspire the  country to confidence in the depths of the Great Depression. “This great nation  will endure, as it has endured, will revive and will prosper.”


Larry Miles  is vice president  of the San Juan Unified School District Board  of Education. Miles was a Democratic candidate for Assembly District 5 in  2010.

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