Miles Presents FAA Master Pilot Award to Cal Worthington

Larry Miles joins the FAA’s Gary Jestice in presenting the Master Pilot Award to Cal Worthington.

Larry Miles joined the FAA in presenting the prestigious Master Pilot Award to Cal Worthington in a special award ceremony at the McClellan Aerospace Museum on January 29, 2012.  The FAA honored Cal for 70 years of safe and violation-free flying.  Click here to see Cal’s speech on YouTube.

Cal spoke about his 70 years of flying experience, including an extended recollection of his 29 missions during WWII.  A recepient of the Distinguished Flying Cross, Cal recalled some of his most harrowing missions, including being the lead pilot for the 8th Air Force in several raids over Berlin.

“As a pilot of over 40 years myself, I am honored to be able to join with the FAA in honoring Cal for this remarkable aviation achievement,” Larry said.   Larry went on to describe some of his many hours flying with Cal, including a challenging flight in a King Air repossessed from a drug-dealer, taking off from San Jose Airport as the ground shook and the tower closed during the Loma Prieta earthquake, and a memorable landing in Anchorage in a Lear 24 that slid across the runway covered in sheer ice.

“From WWII to flying his Lear, Cal has always kept the safety of his crew and passengers foremost,” Larry said.

In addition to being a commercial rated, multi-engine instrument pilot, Larry has a significant aviation practice, including serving as a panel attorney for the Airplane Owners and Pilots Association (“AOPA”).


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